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Our range of sutures, wound management & wound closure products



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Absorbable Sutures

MONOCRYL® Monofilament Suture

MONOCRYL® Plus Antibacterial Suture

PDS® II Monofilament Suture

PDS® Plus Antibacterial Suture

Coated VICRYL® Suture

Coated VICRYL® Plus Antibacterial Suture

Coated VICRYL® rapide Suture


Non-absorbable Sutures

ETHIBOND® EXCEL Braided Suture

ETHILON® Monofilament Suture

MERSILENE® Polyester Suture

MERSILK® Braided Silk Suture

NUROLON® Braided Polyamide 6/6 Suture

PROLENE® Polypropylene Suture

PRONOVA® Poly Monofilament Suture

Surgical Stainless Steel Wire



Selection & Use of Surgical Needles


Topical Skin Adhesives


PRINEO® Skin Closure System


Hernia Solutions

Hernia Solutions


Drains & Other Products

BLAKE® Silicone Drains

ETHICON Specialist Products


ETHICON Vet Products

Vet Products Catalogue